Buttercup Records goes International

John Billington

We have launched a second phase of Buttercup Records, tackling overseas releases along with our hefty schedule of New and Archival Australian Releases.

The first cab off the rank is a Previously Unreleased 1969 album recorded in the UK from DARRELL WHITTAKER (based in the UK) & DAVE LOVELAND (based in Australia). Their early musical endeavours sprung from the Sidcup Art School alongside members of the ROLLING STONES & THE PRETTY THINGS, with the notes on the back of the LP telling their story of band comps, near miss auditions into major bands finding their feet, homemade electronics & Instrument building & top of the line self recording.

This is a super laid back, acoustic based gem of inventive guitar picking, chilled vibes & dreamy harmonies across 14 breezy tracks.

Issued in a HAND NUMBERED EDITION OF 200 COPIES, on both Black Vinyl and Split Blue/Red, it's music from a time long past being able to be explored and enjoyed decades down the line. (BCROS 002)

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