New Release: We Hate you Please Die - Can't Wait to be fine LP

John Billington


Garage/Punk - France




WE HATE YOU PLEASE DIE is looking for a certain vibe that doesn't look for a particular genre even if the garage/punk/rock is definitely here.

Dryness and electricity, energetic and cathartic concerts that evoke Ty Segall, The Cramps, Fucked Up or The Vines.

Viscerality and emotion are the base of the project, the band is engaged towards societal and environmental questions.




Three years after their first album was released “Kids Are Lo-Fi” (2018) and one year after their EP “Waiting room” (2020), We Hate You Please Die presents to you “Can’t Wait To Be Fine”. Regarding the first album, the idea was to translate those feelings of anger and suffocation into music. A raw cry, hidden behind a lo-fi garage, providing an account that this alienating, fast and competitive society brainwashes the new generations’ minds, leaving difference whatsoever in the lurch. This new opus is a sequel to the first, in its own way. More than just a raw advocacy, the band took time to explore those matters and their music more deeply to channel a wider range of emotions and influences. The strikes have targets now. In front of the powerlessness and the melancholy that stick to the skin, trying to notice in order to resist better is the new leitmotiv. From post-punk to garage through pop, this time anything goes. It might have been what felt most liberating to the band who usually rejects labels. If the topics are tough, having fun is not overlooked, for if this visceral wrath is still in our stomachs, it mustn’t keep us from dancing with the rest of our bodies.

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