Howard Eynon - So what if im standing in apricot jam LP/ Flexi-Disc 7"

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Howard Eynon - So what if im standing in apricot jam LP/ Flexi-Disc 7"

One of Australia's most quirky, unique & unknown albums from the 70's, this is simply a phenomenal record which may become your new fave cult album ! It's a magical folk album which is fun, melancholic, intense and euphoric all at once ! Recorded in Hobart in 1974 at the legendary Spectangle studios, it took three months and Howard was joined by a host of amazing local players and utilising Violin, Mellotron, Flute, Synths, French Horns, Double Bass, Piano and more to capture a dozen wild tracks.It was originally released  by Basket/Candle Records but has been out of print ever since. The record ranks amongst the rarest and most sought after acid folk private pressings.So What If Im Standing In Apricot Jam is a bold and madcap record on a par with Paul McCartney's Ram. The evocative lyrics take in everything from political commentary, to anti-authoritarian jabs, to bright homely humour and deep descriptive stories.

This daffy folksy psychedelic ramble full of tall tales, delightfully quirky melodies, hilarious lyrics and marvellous wordplay, risqué irreverence and beguiling lapses into musical frippery, has not only stood the test of time, but completely and utterly blown it away.  We have it on Black Vinyl (Orange SOLD OUT) with a Insert of notes, photos, etc.. and a BONUS AUSTRALIAN ONLY 7" FLEXI-DISC record featuring a previously Unreleased track from 1980 (In a Picture Sleeve too). This got a UK issue as well, with Howard getting over there to play shows to promote it to a new audience all these years down the line.

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