Steve Warner - Self Titled LP

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Steve Warner - Self Titled LP
Steve Warner - Self Titled LP

Reissue of this obscure 1976 Melbourne Acid Folk masterpiece (Originally issued in 1979 on Tasmanian label Candle) It is a beautiful record of quiet variety with wispy tales of 70's life put forth on dreamy acoustic guitar and awash with a whole swag of musical additions, from flute to piano, synth to glockenspiel and more. Fragile and inspiring, it really strikes a chord in those who immerse themselves in it.

It comes with :
A wonderful double sided 12" Insert with notes, pics and recording information, a mini gig poster repro on card, a 1977 photo, a 1966-2015 Steve Warner 'TimeLine', and a Digital Download Code. Brilliant LP

100 on Split Colour / 200 on Black  

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