Babeez LP Project

John Billington

Back in late Feb of 2016 we followed up our BABEEZ 7" (Butt 014) with a full length LP (Butt 022) "Nobody Wants Me" which featured all three of the 7" tracks, along with the band's awesome gritty pioneering punk debut 7" from 1977 and a few previously Unreleased cuts.

We released it in FOUR VERSIONS - ALL LIMITED TO 100 HAND NUMBERED COPIES EACH ON DIFFERENT COLOURS OF VINYL, with all of them coming with Inserts, Booklet and a download card.

Here we give you the breakdown on those pressings and display a few thumbnails of some of the individual hand painted, sprayed, stencilled etc. covers which people here and overseas did in contributing to the project (they were all displayed inside the album on a A3 colour sheet) All four versions are now SOLD OUT.

VERSION # 1 - Hand crafted sleeves, Painted, stenciled, drawn, screened etc... on wild FLURO VINYL with 12pg Booklet of Notes /Ints (Gavin Quinn /John Murphy etc..),
VERSION # 2 - Same as the above but on PURPLE vinyl with all Inserts
VERSION # 3 - These ones all have a hand stencil /spray cover of the band name and title but on GINGER BEER coloured vinyl with all above mentioned inserts
VERSION # 4 - This edition is a retail store only release feat: a piece of 120 Grit A4 Sandpaper spray stenciled w/: band name/ title on CLEAR VINYL with all Inserts.

Artists who contributed to this project include: Glenno Smith / Giles (Fat Ankle), Jace Rogers / Angus Reekie / Andrew McLeod / Marty Schneider / Mary Galli (USA) / Gavin Quinn (from the band) / Andy Lang/Leon O'Regan & John and Scott (from the label).

The Booklet features a breakdown of each number (for the Fluro /Purple versions) & who did what. We will be undertaking other projects in a similar nature soon so watch our site for updates on Release /Formats etc.

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