H E L L M E N N - Limited 4 track 7" Single

John Billington

Mutant Surfer (Butt 024) a rockity racket of boss Sydney Skater/Surfer Rock action circa 1987 -1992!

Hear early Rehearsal cuts in raw form, a studio cut from 'Absolute Filth', an unreleased GANG GREEN cover version & more across this hot double A sider.

Nuts BEN BROWN cover art plus a mad Insert and a bonus TEMPORARY TATTOO for your son, daughter or family friend!

Issued in a Limited Edition of 300 Hand Numbered Copies with 150 on loudy bright and right FLURO vinyl and the other 150 on a Marbly Green wash. This is for a taster full length LP which will show itself later down the year but for now, spin win and grin with this buncha 2 and half minute pearlers!

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