NEWS - Dirty Lies 7" w/: BABEEZ Flexi-Disc (Butt 028)

John Billington

Five Limited Edition packages of 78 copies each

40th anniversary reissue from Buttercup of this classic 1978 Australian Punk EP! Gritty, urgent Melbourne Punk action featuring the original two tracks 'Dirty Lies' b/w: 'Chop Chop Chop' along with TWO PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS on Side B 'H Division Bash' (1978 Demo) and 'Mainline Honey' (Live 1978), plus a bonus BABEEZ FLEXI-DISC featuring a previously unreleased 1977 2 minute screamer!

This is kinda the companion release to our hand painted BABEEZ 7" from a few years back and we have paid tribute to this singles DIY appeal and construction where the band hand screened/sprayed/stenciled their own sleeves and really took their music to the people in a very individual manner.

We have done FIVE EDITIONS of 78 Hand Numbered Copies each, (there exists a sixth being a variation of #2 but Silver & with all five singles inside in stamped white paper sleeves which has sold out), all with unique sleeves/packaging and all on a DIFFERENT COLOUR OF VINYL. As you are used to now, we have included MEGA inserts: BCR LINER NOTES, FLYER REPROS, a STICKER, LYRIC INSERT, and academic notes from Professor Chris McAuliffe from the University of Melbourne! EDITIONS #1 and # 5 NOW SOLD OUT

With this NEWS 7" Reissue, we said we wanted to keep the record in print, so we have a 2nd Press now available in an ORANGE Picture Sleeve on ORANGE Vinyl in a hand numbered edition of 200 copies. It comes with the Double set of Liner Notes, the Sticker, Two Handbills and a Lyric Insert (but without the Flexi-Disc). This edition you can find in Stores at the moment (Strangeworld/Red Eye/Repressed/Prehistoric Sounds/ Greville /Round & Round/ Championship/ The Edwards Shop / Rocking Horse) and offers up these great four songs with loads of Inserts, just without the bells and whistles of the initial Limited Edition first pressings. 

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